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More Than Just Good Looking

Dec 11, 2017

Six Reasons to Consider Plantation Shutters

Apart from their classic good looks, that manage to work beautifully with any type of décor, plantation shutters offer some important features that make them an excellent choice for your windows in any room of the house. We’ve written a lot here about how great they can be from a design perspective, sharing fun ideas about how to style and use plantation shutters to create new and different styles. Today, we look at six compelling ways they shine aside from their good looks.


The nicest of custom curtains fade and wear over time. Other windows coverings simply go out of style as the years go by. Plantation shutters do neither. They are built to last, both in their construction and in their style. While they may be an investment initially, their longevity pays off in the end. In addition, many plantation shutters come with a warranty.

Light & Privacy

Shutters offer superior light control and privacy. You can adjust them to let the light flood in, or shut it out almost entirely. For privacy, you can even adjust the slats to see out but maintain privacy on the interior of your home. What’s more, this control of light and privacy is very easy with shutters, without the need to deal with cords.

Easy to Clean

Because plantation shutters have a larger surface area and do not require taking them down, they are much easier to clean than mini blinds or curtains. All that is required is a damp cloth from time to time to keep them dirt and dust free. Anyone who’s tried to clean miniblinds understands fully what an amazing feature this is, making this essentially maintenance free. And, because dust cannot penetrate the hard wood of the shutters, they are better for your health than curtains that can become a breeding ground for dust mites!

Energy Savings

The energy savings benefit of plantation shutters comes from important features: 1) they serve as an excellent insulator in the winter, and 2) they deflect sunlight when needed so that rooms do not overheat in summer. Over time, these savings can translate into a serious difference in your power bill.

Child Safety

With no cords or strings, plantation shutters offer a much safer choice for families with young children than curtains or blinds that have cords. Cords can quickly become a danger to small children if they get tangled around them, creating the risk of strangulation. Shutters provide a safe alternative for families. When taken in combination with the reduction of dust allergens, shutters are the most family friendly window covering option available.

A Life-Extender for Furniture, Floors, and Carpets

And the durability discussed above doesn’t end with the shutters themselves. Because they can be angled to block out harmful UV light, they are a furniture saver as well, significantly increasing the useful lifespan of both furniture and carpets. Fabrics degrade over time with exposure to sunlight; plantation shutters can add years to the life of all your interior fabrics.

More Than Good Looks

The list of advantages plantation shutters provide over other window coverings is long. Even with the higher initial cost associated with shutters, the long-term value makes these more of an investment and less an expense. Overtime, they save energy and with their timeless style and durability, they offer one of the longest-term window choices you can make for your home. When you spread that cost out over the life of the shutters, they offer a greater value than most other alternatives. When you factor in the protection factor they offer to your furniture and carpet by controlling the sunlight and UV rays streaming into your home and the energy savings from the insulating impact of the shutters, it is clear that plantation shutters offer much more than just good looks.