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Custom Shades

Window shade controls let you dictate the amount of light and privacy you receive and come in a wide variety of style and finish options.

Brands & Selection

Custom Blinds and Shutters offers the best selection of discount window shades from all the top brands. With a variety of shade types and a wide range of materials and colors, we are sure to have just the right custom shades for your home.

Custom Shade Type: Cellular Shades

Cell Shades

Custom Shade Type: Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades

Custom Shade Type: Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Custom Shade Type: Woven Woods

Woven Woods

Blinds And Shades… What’s The Difference?

Good question. Blinds and shades are often equated to the same thing, but there are differences. A window shade is a continuous piece of material. They can be fabric, woven natural materials, or even manufactured synthetic material. Window shade controls let you dictate the amount of light control and privacy you receive. Blinds, on the other hand, consist of slats. These are long, thin pieces of material used to block light. They can be vertically or horizontally stacked. They’re held together with cloth tapes or cords.

Cordless Window Shades

Although traditional cords are available, cordless options are here now for simplicity and convenience. Cordless window shades are spring-loaded to support their own weight. Operation consists of simply pressing up or down. There are even top-down, bottom-up shades where both the top and bottom or independently controlled. For the ultimate in convenience, and for special accessibility needs, there are remote control and motorized varieties.

Light Control

Window shades provide a wide range of light control, from subtle filtering to complete blackout. Sheer fabrics allow more light to come through while opaque fabrics block more light. Blackout liner is available in some models; these are perfect for those who wish to have the ultimate environment for sleep, or to enhance the movie theater experience in a media room.

Why Custom?

Our name brand window shades are custom made for your windows, ensuring an exact fit.

You’ll get a superior product that operates well and will be the perfect complement to your existing home furnishings.

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