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Cell Shades

Even though some people may call them cellular blinds, cell shades are in fact window shades.

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A Versatile (and Money-Saving) Alternative

Cellular shades (sometimes called cellular blinds or honeycomb shades) are one of the most versatile shades. They provide great insulation, come with a variety of options, and are available in many colors so they’ll be sure to fit your existing interior design.

Let Custom Blinds & Shutters help you find the perfect cell shades for your home or office.

Honeycomb Design

Cell shades have a honeycomb-shaped design that insulates your window by trapping air. They’re available in single, double, or triple cell, and these signify how many layers of honeycomb air cells are present in the model. The more layers there are, the higher the level of insulation.

Because of the added insulation benefits, these shades will help lower you heating and cooling expenditure.

Light Control

Cell shades come in sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque varieties. These determine how much light will pass through. Sheer allows a lot of natural light to enter. Choose semi-opaque and opaque for more light control, ranging from moderate privacy to complete blackout.


Options include top-down, bottom-up cell shades; cordless cell shades; and even motorized cell shades. Top-down, bottom-up shades allow the top and bottom of the shades to be independently controlled. Cordless shades remove dangling cords from the equation, provide extra elegance and safety for homes with young children. Motorized shades provide ultimate convenience and are also ideal for windows that are hard to reach.

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