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Woven Woods

Woven wood blinds are a special variety of custom roman shades that offer a spectacular natural look.

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Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood blinds, also known as bamboo shutters or matchstick blinds, are a special variety of custom shades that offers a spectacular natural look. Their versatility adapts to almost any window type.

The construction of our woven woods uses a roman shade. Folded roman shades have evenly spaced folds, while soft roman shades have softer overlaps. There are also flat roman shades that have no bumps where the seams are, and balloon roman shades that start with box pleats up top and flow down into balloon-shaped folds.

Light Filtering & Superior Privacy

You can choose from light filtering varieties (mild screening of sunlight) all the way up to room darkening variations which can provide great privacy as well as insulation. Woven wood shades provide superior privacy, creating a near blackout environment when fully closed.

Let Custom Blinds & Shutters help advise you if woven wood blinds would be a good fit for your home or office.

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