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Before & After: Room Transformation

Jan 18, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good Before & After story, complete with loads of pictures? We just completed an installation of painted plantation shutters in a Cahaba Heights den, and we are so happy with the result that we want to share the room with you. The homeowner’s dream of a lighter, brighter, more modern living space started with the windows. From there, she made a few minor adjustments to furniture and some room editing, and voila – a room that is barely recognizable as the same.

This room started out with window treatments that left the room shaded and dark. It was a layered treatment of metal mini blinds and custom silk curtains, shown below. Metal blinds are a challenge; paired with curtains that are too heavy for the light-starved space, the room fell flat, despite having what amounts to a full wall of windows.

Cahaba Heights den before room transformation


The first step in the room’s update was the installation of the new, custom-painted navy plantation shutters by our trusty installer, Joe.

Shutter installation during Cahaba Heights den room transformation

Shutter Installation

The change was immediate and significant. In the picture below, the only changes to the room are the window treatments and a change out of the rug. If you weren’t sure that window treatments matter or to what extent they can change the feel of a room, surely this convinces you. The light now floods in the room, and the whole space feels less weighed-down without the heavy curtains.

New shutters in Cahaba Heights den after room transformation

New Shutters

Let’s look at them side-by-side so you can really appreciate the difference.

Side-by-Side View of the Before and After Transformation at Cahaba Heights den

Side-by-Side View of Room: Shutters and Rug are the only changes

The rest of the room transformation came in the form of new lamps, pillows, and a re-styling of the hearth. The coffee tables were re-purposed from another area of the house as was the wicker chair.

New shutters in Cahaba Heights den after room transformation

The painted shutters against the white walls gives this room an updated feel, and with just moderate re-arranging and editing of the room’s contents, the homeowner has a completely new, fresh space without spending a fortune. The shutters add beauty, value, and functionality to the home.