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Collaboration with Alieta Casey

Jun 14, 2021

We recently collaborated with local treasure hunter Alieta Casey to upgrade her living room windows! Alieta had left her windows naked for six years because she didn’t want to block the gorgeous view of the lake. But the afternoon sun shining through her windows was blinding, making the room unusable for hours each day. Something had to be done.


Alieta Casey Collaboration - Before Photo 1
Alieta Casey Collaboration - Before Photo 2

That’s where Custom Blinds and Shutters came in. Our team helped her find the perfect solution to block out the bright sun, while still allowing her to enjoy the view in the mornings. Her new textured shades allow her to easily control the amount of light coming into her living room; she can lift them up to enjoy the view or let them down for some shade. We provided her with fabric samples to help her choose the perfect design for her home and crafted new shades to fit her windows precisely.


Check out the beautiful results:

Alieta Casey Collaboration - After Photo 1
Alieta Casey Collaboration - After Photo 2

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us:

“Custom Blinds and Shutters has so many fabulous options, from plantation shutters to textured shades like mine. The owner, Craig, helped me select the perfect custom window treatments to easily adjust the amount of sunlight streaming in. The whole process was so easy! They come to your home or office, take all measurements, and bring design samples to try in your space. And then installation usually takes only 20 minutes (mine only took 10!!! 😲 🙌)

I had such a great experience partnering with @customblindsshutters! They’ve been in the business for 20 years, which is why they are experts in their field! I’m so glad I left installing my shades to the professionals!”

Thanks, Alieta! We loved working with you. Check out her Instagram (@alietatreasurehunting) for some more home inspiration.