Faux Wood Blinds

Custom faux wood blinds are perfect for areas with strong direct sunlight or high humidity. Faux wood combines the best of both worlds (wood and man made). They’re attractive and they have the durability of man made materials.

Custom Blinds & Shutters offers a wide array of faux wood blinds in a variety of stains and colors. They’re great for budget-minded homeowners, since faux wood is typically less expensive than their natural material counterparts.

Slat Sizes

Slats are available in 2” or 2-1/2” widths.

Larger slats also allow more of a view, though you may need to lower the size for a better look with smaller windows.

Cloth Tapes

To help make the blinds more “at home” in your overall home’s design scheme, cloth tapes can replace the cords that usually control the blinds. These can match a specific color or provide a pleasing complement.

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