How You Clean a Blind Depends on the Type of Blind You Have and What You Are Cleaning Off

Tips on How to Clean Your Blinds

Wood Blinds

If it is a wood blind, you should never clean it with a water-based cleaner. The finish on a wood blind is the same as a piece of wood furniture. You can dust it with a Swiffer or the bristle attachment of your vacuum. If it is anything more than that then use what you normally use on your furniture, but use it lightly.

Faux Wood Blinds

If it is a faux wood blind you can dust it the same way as the wood blind, but you can use soapy water to clean. Faux wood blinds can yellow if they do not have a UV coating on the blinds. If they have yellowed, that means the material has dried out and can not be cleaned.

Metal Blinds

If you have metal blinds, throw them away. Metal blinds actually heat your house up. When sun light hits metal it gets hot.

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