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Do You Really Need Window Treatments?

That might seem like a strange question from a company that sells window treatments, but it is an important one. Window treatments are an investment, and the decisions you make about how and when to make that investment are vital in ensuring that you spend your money wisely.

The reality is: just because a window is there, does not mean it needs to be covered. There are any number of reasons why you might choose to leave a window bare. Perhaps the room is dark and covering it would make that problem worse. Or, maybe you have decided to embrace an open and airy design concept where you feature the window with painted trim instead of window treatments (see these two examples of a painted window).

3 Reasons to Cover a Window

There are three main reasons to cover a window.

  1. Privacy
    1. Is the window facing a neighbor or street?
    2. Is it a bedroom or bathroom window?
  2. Light
    1. Does the sun heat up a certain area of your home?
    2. Are there issues with the sun fading the floors, rugs or furniture?
  3. Decorative Value
    1. Do you like the classic plantation shutter look, like an antebellum home?
    2. Do you like a more design-forward approach where the windows can bring in an accent color that pops?
    3. Do you want to integrate natural and organic elements into your décor with woven wood shades?
    4. Curb appeal – In some neighborhoods, the look of your windows from the street is more important than others. What is your neighborhood like?

Likely, you may want to install window treatments for a combination of these reasons, including all three. If that is the case, we offer a wide range of gorgeous shades, blinds and plantation shutters. We can work with you to develop a completely custom look that perfectly addresses both your practical reasons (privacy and light) as well as your design aesthetic.