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Woven Wood Shades

Oct 1, 2017

Warm and organic, woven woods shades offer a more textural window treatment than plantation shutters and a sleeker profile than drapery. They make the ideal covering when you need window coverings on both windows and doors in the same room, creating a cohesiveness throughout the room. To help you imagine how to use woven wood shades in your home, we’ve assembled these beautiful examples of rooms that are finished off in woven woods. There is really no limit to the customization available with these shades, with the wood type and finish ranging from dark to light and an unlimited number of options for finishing the edges from raw to taped. You can layer them with drapery (shown below) or let them stand on their own.

Woven Wood Shades 1

Source: Studio McGee

This black and white kitchen is saved from being too sterile by the use of wood, both for the open shelving and the bright window above the sink. This use of a lighter-toned wood provides warmth and life to the space by bringing an organic element into the mix of otherwise cold tile, marble, and steel.

This close-up view of darker woven woods shows what can be done with border tape / binding to finish off the look. That tape can be chosen in the same color family as the wood, as shown here, or it can be an accent color or contrast tone, bringing in the feel of the room.

Woven Wood Shades 3

Source: Bloglovin’

This modern farm house has perfected the use of woven woods in this warm dining room with the black trim paint on the doors and windows and the light woven wood shades. When up, the room is flooded with light; but, when down, the woven woods provide a warm, but not heavy means of privacy. They tie in beautifully with farm table and wood floors.

How fabulous is this bedroom? It is made all the more tranquil by the well-chosen window coverings. To keep the light, fresh, and airy feel of the room, the windows are layered with gauzy white drapery and a light colored woven wood shade. The wood adds an important texture to this room, while providing critical bedroom privacy.

And in case these examples seem only to show white rooms, where the room is begging for warmth and texture, check out this example of a room that is bursting with its own warm palette, in which the tortoise shell wood shades compliment the room’s greens and browns perfectly.

We specialize in custom woven wood shades and would love to talk with you about how you can best use this tailored look in your home.