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The Layered Look: 5 Great Ideas!

May 25, 2017

Today’s design inspiration story focuses on the dramatic effect created with a layered look on your windows. We love the combination of curtains with wood blinds, shutters, or woven wood or honeycomb shades. As you can see in the examples below, you can combine curtains in a variety of ways with blinds and plantation shutters to create a rich and textured look that takes things up a notch or two!

Here are five fantastic examples of layering your window treatments:

Layered Look: Half shutters and Ikat curtains

Source: Pinterest

These half shutters and Ikat curtains are a gorgeous combination that also take advantage of the blue and white design concept that is definitely having its moment. This layering features the richness of the fabrics while still allowing the room to flood with lots of light, giving an airy and bright feeling to this delightful dining room.

The high ceilings in this den are emphasized with the drama of the tall ceiling-height curtains, while the honeycomb cellular shades give the owner control over sun and privacy. Honeycomb shades are perfect when you want the light, but need the privacy. The soft colors of these two layers work perfectly with the neutral and blue accents in this cozy room.

Layered Look: Faux roman shade and plantation shutter combination

Source: Pinterest

With this faux roman shade / plantation shutter combination, the kitchen sink window never looked so good. The fabric gives you a place to pull through a pattern and color that makes the kitchen pop, while the shutters provide a great looking and highly functional means of controlling light and privacy. It doesn’t hurt that their hanging light fixture and marble tile backsplash are envy-producing. The whole effect is perfect.

Let me just start by saying that I love woven wood shades – they add texture and richness and a little bit of the outdoors; they are my new favorite thing. When you add in the serenity of this light-filled and airy room with its greenery and crisp white furnishings and curtains, this room speaks to me. The baskets on the wall and the leaning wood ladder shown on the left provide echoes of the wood from the shades. This layered window serves as the ideal complement to this stunning room. In fact, I think this combination may warrant its own design inspiration post – stay tuned for more on that!

Layered Look: Wood or even faux wood blinds with store-bought curtain panels

Source: Pinterest

For our last layered look example, I include a budget friendly idea. You can use wood or even faux wood blinds with store-bought curtain panels to create this beautiful look. The white-on-white here works wonderfully. Notice how the curtain panels are hung at ceiling height and not at the top of the window. This is an easy way to create drama and add height to the room.

As you consider your new blinds, shutters, or shades, keep in mind that layering with curtains, whether custom or store-bought can create a beautiful and functional addition to your room. Happy layering!